mCROSS Soldering Robot TX-m444


  • Range of motion 400x400x10 (X, Y, and Z axis).
  • Using of a highly precise Ball screw and a highly precise servo control motor realized high repetition accuracy and payload capabilities.
  • “Solder Pre-heat” and “N2 Jacket” which are effective option for Lead-free soldering can be attached.
  • Slide soldering is possible for it as well as point soldering.
  • MAXEED controller for all functions:
    • 99 kinds of soldering conditions can be used
    • Solder supply
    • Heating time
    • Solder amount
    • Time of slide soldering
    • High Speed PID for Temperature Control
  • 48 programs can be stored internally
  • Monitoring of temperature can be done via Windows software TSCO (optional)
  • Camera view for soldering status and ease of teaching (Optional)