DIMB-1235 Failed Board Stacker

Designed to store only a failed board in the magazine rack after the inspection machine such as AOI/ICT and pass a good board to the next process.

Inspection Conveyor allows for manual board Inspection.


  • NG Buffer Function is to store NG and pass OK
  • Rack Buffer Function is to store, wait, and supply
  • 4 Point Magazine gripping
  • Maximum Magazine Capacity 2 up - 3 down
  • In-line inspection conveyor
  • Low Noise Emmisions from Elevator
  • Magazine Change Time ≈ 38 sec
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Left to Right or Right to Left Flow
  • Front or Rear Rail Fixed
  • Universal or SMEMA Interface


  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Auto Width Adjust
  • Speed-up Magazine Exchange (18 sec)
  • Safety cover