Laser Soldering Robot

Although it has a laser diode, it is designed at low power consumption and can irradiate the pin spot. It is best for soldering the precise point that is impossible to solder by the normal and soft beam soldering. Moreover, it hardly effects the heat to the irradiation point and can solder without contact 


  • Lead Free ready
  • Can select from 4 base robots
  • Position repeat accuracy: X axes and Y axes ± 0.01mm, Z axes ± 0.01mm, R axes ± 0.02 degree
  • Position teaching method: Remote teaching (JOG), Input value (MDI)
  • Simple PLC function: 100 programs, 1,000 steps per program
  • Maximum 250 programs
  • Point Memories: Maximum 30,000 points
  • Thin solder diameter: 0.6 to 1.6mm
  • Medium: Laser diode
  • Laser output 30W
  • Wavelength 808nm
  • Minimum spot diameter 700 μm (option 500 μm)
  • Cooling Method: air cooling