Versatile Machine Inserter V

General Features
  • This machine is designed for insertion of components on PCB.
  • The machine would be automatic. 
  • Versatile, interchangeable insertion head with quick-change systems 
  • Ability to work with the following heads 
    • Head Tabs 
    • Head of sockets 
    • Flat head sockets 
    • Short Pin Head 
    • Head of Press-Fit tabs 
  • Automatic feeding circuits by integrated transport pallet in the machine 
  • Automatic feeding rolls starting from Component 
  • Is prepared to work at high speed, getting insertions in times less than 0.2 seconds in some components
  • Measurement system insertion forces
  • Driven by linear servomotors 
Technical Features
Production: Depends on the component to be inserted (from 0.2 sec. / component to 0.35 sec. / component)


  • Weight: 1960kg 
  • Length: 2785
  • Width: 2300 
  • Height: 2350