Insertion machine Terminal

Machine Description
Fully automated online pin insertion machine for the application or reeled pins, tabs, and similar productions receptacle on the PCB.

Physical Dimensions

  • Width.-of 2280 to 2870mm.
  • Height.-1800 mm
  • Weight -. From 1800 kg to 2110kg.
Component capacity 
Reeled components. Can be pressurized or welding through hole
components such as pins, tabs and container.


  • Maximum insertion rate of 5 cycles per second to a step
  • 0.2 in (5.08 mm).
  • Force control release of all the applied component.
  • Insertion force statistical analysis tool.
  • Insertion head change less than 2 minutes.
  • Loading board approximately 5 seconds.
  • Board of download-approx. 5 sec.
  • Fully compatible with SMEMA.