Assembling Machine Components Plus PCB 13CII Assets

General Characteristics

This machine is designed to automatically assembling and stapling of the active components on printed circuit boards. The machine would be automatic
  • Power circuit according pallet 
  • Capacity up to 4 feeds 
  • Feeds can be: 
    • Magazine as relays and tubes 
    • Resistors, diodes or radial feeders 
    • Trainers, Shunt, Poly-switch or radial feeders
    • Etc.
  • Networking capacity 
  • Lower coordinate system for servo actuated legs stapling 
  • Possibility of communication protocol according to SMEMA 
  • Clip servo operated for the collection of components 
  • Venturi system for the collection of components 
  • Vision System for Higher Lower correction and component inspection program
  • Driven by linear motors
Technical Features
Production: 1.8 Time approx. Sec. / Component


  • Weight: 1700kg 
  • Length: 2300 
  • Width: 2300 
  • Height: 2000