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DJK enjoys a strong reputation in energy-related machinery. With our background in precise technology and depth of experience gained through participation in energy-related fields. DJK has seen considerable success while actively pursuing alternative and new energy sources. 

DJK as a leading trading firm having top share in the sales of oil and gas development in Japan is highly regarded for its competitiveness in the energy industry. Backed by a wealth of experience and well-founded technology, we have achieved splendid goals working on the new themes such as energy conservation, alternative energy to oil, new energy resources.

With those backgrounds, DJK provides various drilling equipment and services including whole drilling rig to small parts, and process equipment on surface such as separator/ dehydrator etc within global network. In addition, DJK represents almost top brands at worldwide as a leading company. DJK is proud of skill offering such detailed services. 

Major products ]

Off-shore drilling rigs
Down hole equipment & tools
Drilling bits
Directional/Horizontal drilling services
Production tools
Well enhancement tools
Geophysical services
3D Seismic data processing
Other equipment and service related to oil and gas development


Petro-Refinery & Petro-Chemical industries have been one of core businesses for DJK Group since its starting. With our rich experiences as a trading firm specialized in Industrial Machinery & Equipment, DJK Plant Division has been supplying various equipment & machineries such as compressors, pumps, valves and other key process equipment to our clients in Japan, USA and to other parts of the world. 

Using our global network and resources, we also provide services such as Construction, Mechanical Installation, Transportation arrangements, Local Purchasing & Equipment Localization, to support our clients building plants around the globe.

Major products ]

Petro-Refinary & Petro-Chemical Equipment & Machinery
Chemical Machineries
Sumitomo ''Max Blend'' Mixing System
Powder Processing Machineries
Plant Support Services
Machinery Installation Services
Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment
Other Industrial Equipment & Machineries (Import & Export)


DJK is a leading supplier of airport for ground support equipment (GSE) for and equipment related to airport facilities. We offer a wide range of products and have an enviable record of deliveries to airlines and airports in supporting air transportation.

DJK has enjoyed considerable success in a wide range of fields, such as towing tractors, air start units, snow sweepers, all kinds of ground support equipment and hydrant equipment.

With such long terms experiences and a number of records, DJK does not only provide equipment, but does provide truck-mounting works as well as maintenance service by Service Group inside the division then offer complete after-sales service from expert engineers. In addition, DJK has a local inventory of components and parts to meet clientfs needs of rapid reaction, as unique back-up system.

DJK aspires to become a global company in total aviation services with the knowledge and experiences cultivated for decades.

Major products ]

Towing Tractors
Air Start Unit
Snow Sweeper
Road Sweeper
Tri-Pod Jack
Hydrant Pit
Hydrant Valve
Other Ground Support Equipment